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305-Article Text-304-1-10-20130823.pdf.jpg2012An Assessment of the Safe Delivery Incentive Program at a Tertiary Level Hospital in NepalBaral, G
645-Article Text-1181-1-10-20151231.pdf.jpg2015Birth Defects: Emerging Public Health IssueBaral, G
716-Article Text-1351-1-10-20160606.pdf.jpg2016Research and EthicsBaral, G
i_ii.pdf.jpg2015Right Shift of Disease PatternBaral, G
686-Article Text-1271-3-10-20160419.pdf.jpg2015Zika Virus: Yet Another Emerging Threat to NepalDhimal, M; Gautam, I; Baral, G; Pandey, B; Karki, K B