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2054-Manuscript-12196-2-10-20191114.pdf.jpg2019Are Health Agencies Designated as Research Centers in Nepal Conducting Adequate Researches ?Sah, Arun Kumar; Belbase, Pradeep; Pandey, Ashok; Jha, Anjani Kumar
3351-Manuscript-20028-1-10-20210122.pdf.jpg2020COVID-19 Vaccine Development to VaccinationPandey, Ashok; Belbase, Pradeep; Parajuli, Ayuska
1945-Manuscript-10736-1-10-20190804.pdf.jpg2019Febrile Illness Outbreak Investigation in Sundarharicha-5 Foklan Tapu, Morang DistrictPandey, Ashok; Sah, Arun Kumar; Belbase, Pradeep; Sah, Anil Kumar; Jha, Anjani Kumar
4174-Manuscript-27901-1-10-20220606.pdf.jpg2022High Suicide Rates among Nepalese Population: Need for ActionPandey, Achyut Raj; Paudel, Sudip; Belbase, Pradeep
3694-Manuscript-23791-1-10-20210908.pdf.jpg2021Ordinance on the Safety and Security of Health Workers and Health Institutions in Nepal: A Critical AnalysisBelbase, Pradeep; Basnet, Anjali; Parajuli, Ayuska; Paudel, Sudip; Pandey, Ashok
2472-Manuscript-13221-3-10-20200202.pdf.jpg2019Scientific Publications among Novice Researchers: Dilemma to Decision and a Way ForwardBelbase, Pradeep; Adhikari, Nilaramba; Dangal, Ganesh