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3629-Manuscript-27880-1-10-20220606.pdf.jpg2022Comparison of POSSUM and SAPS II in Prediction of Postoperative Mortality in Hollow Viscus PerforationKansakar, Prasan; Ghimire, Bikal; Banjara, Megha Raj; Mishra, Parashuram
2044-Manuscript-25087-1-10-20211215.pdf.jpg2021Comparison of serum biomarkers cifra 21-1 and ca 19-9 in biliary tract cancersGhimire, Bikal; Kansakar, Prasan Bir Singh; Sngh, Yogendra Prasad
1214-Manuscript-3937-2-10-20180314.pdf.jpg2018Comparison of Stage and Lymph Node Ratio in Young and Older Patients with Colorectal Cancer Operated in a Tertiary Hospital in NepalGhimire, Bikal; Singh, Yogendra Prasad; Kurlberg, Goran; Wettergren, Yvonne
2395-Manuscript-17508-1-10-20200911.pdf.jpg2020Pancreatic Configuration Index in Predicting Postoperative Pancreatic Fistula in a Tertiary Care Center in NepalShah, Surendra; Ghimire, Bikal; Paudel, Sharma; Singh, Yogendra Prasad
4319-Manuscript-32174-1-10-20230720.pdf.jpg2022Post-operative Pancreatitis as a Predictor of Postoperative Pancreatic Fistula in Patients Following PancreaticoduodenectomySubedi, Nirajan; Ghimire, Bikal; Kansakar, Prasan B S; Bhandari, Ramesh S; Lakhey, Paleswan J; Singh, Yogendra P