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320-Article Text-319-1-10-20130823.pdf.jpg2012Emerging Challenges in Family Planning Programme in NepalShrestha, D R; Shrestha, A; Ghimire, J
374-Article Text-398-2-10-20180206.pdf.jpg2013Factors Associated with the Motivation and De-motivation of Health Workforce in NepalGhimire, J; Kumal, A B; Mahato, R K; Gupta, R P
377-Article Text-401-1-10-20131127.pdf.jpg2013Health Governance at Local Level from Human Resource for Health Perspectives: the Case of NepalGupta, R; Devkota, B; Ghimire, J; Devkota, A
380-Article Text-404-1-10-20131127.pdf.jpg2013Health in Nepalese MediaKumal, A B; Ghimire, J; Mishra, A; Joshi, P
379-Article Text-403-1-10-20131127.pdf.jpg2013Human Resource for Health Production Capacity in Nepal: A GlanceKumal, A B; Mahato, R K; Gupta, R P; Ghimire, J
382-Article Text-406-1-10-20131127.pdf.jpg2013Human Resources for Health in Major National Policies and Plans of NepalGupta, R P; Mahato, R K; Ghimire, J
375-Article Text-399-1-10-20131127.pdf.jpg2013Involving Diaspora and Expatriates as Human Resources in the Health Sector in NepalDevkota, A; Devkota, B; Ghimire, J; Mahato