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2104-Manuscript-13246-1-10-20200121.pdf.jpg2019Calcific Tendinitis in the Elbow Presented as Acute Tennis ElbowBhandari, Ravi; Sinha, Ritesh; Kayastha, Nirab; Joshi, Amit
1858-Manuscript-13242-1-10-20200121.pdf.jpg2019The Effect of the Intercondylar Notch Shape and Notch Width Index on Anterior Cruciate Ligament InjuriesBasukala, Bibek; Joshi, Amit; Pradhan, Ishor
874-Article Text-1649-2-10-20170528.pdf.jpg2016Infra Patellar Branch of Saphenous Nerve Injury during Hamstring Graft Harvest: Vertical versus Oblique IncisionsJoshi, Amit; Kayasth, Nirab; Shrestha, Sailendra; KC, Bachchu Ram
2939-Manuscript-19986-1-10-20210122.pdf.jpg2020Predictive Accuracy of Blumensaat Line Angle and Its Apex along with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Inclination Angle for Diagnosis of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear with Abundant RemnantAdhikari, Vijayendra; Joshi, Amit; Singh, Nagmani; Pradhan, Ishor