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203.pdf.jpg1999Epidural Ketamine for Postoperative analgesia after abdominal hysterectomyKarki, C.B., Dr; Karki, S.B., Dr.; Paropkar Maternity Hospital
201.pdf.jpg1999Primary post partum haemorrhage and it's consequencesParopkar Maternity Hospital
202.pdf.jpg1999A prospective study of abortions and its complications at Prasuti Griha (Maternity Hospital). Kathmandu (15th Baisakh - 14th Kartik 2056 (28th April - 31 st october 1999)Malla, Kasturi, Dr.; Paropkar Maternity Hospital
239.pdf.jpg2001Report outcome of pregnancy in relationship to antenatal care at Maternity Hospital, ThapathaliSharma, Rajyalaxmi, Dr.; Upadhye, Meera, Dr.; Paropkar Maternity Hospital
237.pdf.jpg2000Study on Complication of Episiotomy at Maternity HospitalParopkar Maternity Hospital; Verma, Sheela; Shah, Radha, Dr.; Malla, D.S., Malla