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400-Article Text-495-2-10-20180731.pdf.jpg2013Examining Stratified Cesarean Section Rates Using Robson Classification System at Tribhuvan University Teaching HospitalAmatya, A; Paudel, R; Poudyal, A; Wagle, R R; Singh, M; Thapa, S
277-Article Text-275-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2011Factors Affecting Retention of Child Health Card in a Rural AreaPahari, D P; Bastola, S P; Paudel, R
503-Article Text-878-1-10-20150206.pdf.jpg2014Factors Determining Non-compliance to Mass Drug Administration for Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination in Endemic Districts of NepalAdhikari, R K; Sherchand, J B; Mishra, SR R; Ranabhat, K; Devkota, P; Mishra, D; Gelal, K; Ghimire, Y C; Mishra, R; Paudel, R; Wagle, R R
232-Article Text-230-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2010Health Care Waste Management Practice in a HospitalPaudel, R; Pradhan, B