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635-Article Text-1171-1-10-20151231.pdf.jpg2015Association of Maternal Factors with Low Birth Weight in Selected Hospitals of NepalShakya, K L; Shrestha, N; Kisiju, P; Onta, S R
673-Article Text-1263-1-10-20160317.pdf.jpg2015Bacteriological Profile of Neonatal Sepsis inNeonatal Intermediate Care Unit of Central Paediatric Referral Hospital in NepalChapagain, R H; Acharya, R; Shrestha, N; Giri, R B; Bagale, B B; Kayastha, M
1996A Comparative Study of Government Hospital and Private Nursing Home (Private Hospital) Utilization in Kathmandu valley NepalShrestha, DR; Shrestha, N
213-Article Text-211-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2010Environmental Burden of Acute Respiratory Infection and Pneumonia due to Indoor SmokeDhimal, M; Baral, K; Shrestha, N; Dhakal, P; Maskey, M K
493-Article Text-750-1-10-20141121.pdf.jpg2014Implementation Status of Self-assessment/Peergroup Discussion Program: A Bottom-up Approach of Monitoring/Supervision in Improving Quality of Health ServicesKafle, K K; Bhuju, G B; Karkee, S B; Prasad, R R; Shrestha, N; Shrestha, A D; Das, P L; Chataut, B D; Shrestha, A; Suvedi, B K
391-Article Text-438-1-10-20131127.pdf.jpg2013Improving Private Drug Sellers’ Practices for Managing Common Health Problems in NepalDas, P L; Shrestha, A D; Ross, Degnan D; Prasad, R R; Bhuju, G B; Kafle, K K; Karkee, S B; Shrestha, N
718-Article Text-1353-2-10-20160608.pdf.jpg2016Knowledge and Preventive Practices related to Avian Influenza among Poultry Workers of Kamalamai Municipality, Sindhuli, NepalShrestha, R; Shrestha, K B; Ghimire, S; Shrestha, N
722-Article Text-1357-5-10-20160609.pdf.jpg2016Microbiological and Clinical Profile of Uropathogenic Escherichia coli Isolates in Kathmandu University HospitalSherchan, J B; Gurung, P; Karkee, P; Ranabhat, N; Shrestha, N; Ohara, H
266-Article Text-264-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2011Risk Factors Associated with Low Birth WeightYadav, D K; Chaudhary, U; Shrestha, N
251-Article Text-249-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2011Thyroid Dysfunction and its effect in Serum LipidsShrestha, N