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150-Article Text-147-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2007Antimicrobial resistance pattern of bacterial isolates causing urinary tract infectionLamichhane, S; Shrestha, P; Malla, S; Basnyat, S; Dumre, S; Upadhaya, B
407-Article Text-490-1-10-20140207.pdf.jpg2013HLA Antigen Distribution in Renal Transplant Recipients and DonorsTuladhar, A; Shrestha, S; Raut, P P; Bhandari, P; Shrestha, P
182-Article Text-179-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpgApr-2009Pattern of Liver DiseasesBanthia, P; Pathak, S R; Mishra, A K; Shrestha, P; Bista, N R; Bhurtel, P; Bhattarai, S; Thakali, K
2000Prevalence of Nosocomial Infection in TUTHLamichanne DR; Shrestha, P
146-Article Text-143-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2007Seroprevalence of IgM antibodies against the agents of torch infections among the patients visiting National Public Health Laboratory, Teku, KathmanduShrestha, P; Basnyat, S; Khanal, S; Dumre, S; Maharjan, L; Lamichhane, S; Malla, S
717-Article Text-1352-1-10-20160606.pdf.jpg2016Visual Outcome after Treatment with High Dose Intravenous Methylprednisolone in Indirect Traumatic Optic NeuropathyPokharel, S; Sherpa, D; Shrestha, R; Shakya, K; Shrestha, R; Malla, O K; Pradhananga, C L; Pokhrel, R P; Shrestha, P