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3961-Manuscript-26854-1-10-20220315.pdf.jpg2021Comparison of Clinical and Functional Outcome of Cold Steel Dissection versus Coblation Technique in TonsillectomyRegmi, Deepak; Bista, Meera; Shrestha, Sangita
3495-Manuscript-25064-1-10-20211215.pdf.jpg2021Distance of Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve in Relation to Superior Parathyroid Gland During Thyroid SurgeryShrestha, Diva; Regmi, Deepak; Shrestha, Sangita; Bista, Meera
3978-Manuscript-29684-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Quality of Life, Anxiety and Depression among Clients with Ostomy Attending Selected Stoma ClinicsShrestha, Sangita; Siwakoti, Susmita; Shakya, Urmila; Shakya, Rajina; Khadka, Sangita