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3054-Manuscript-17493-1-10-20200910.pdf.jpg2020Addressing Emerging Public Health Issues through Interdisciplinary ResearchDhimal, Meghnath; Khanal, Pratik; Dangal, Ganesh; Gyanwali, Pradip
4296-Manuscript-27859-1-10-20220606.pdf.jpg2022Advancing Health Policy and System Research: Lessons for Resilient Health System in NepalGyanwali, Pradip; Dhimal, Meghnath
645-Article Text-1181-1-10-20151231.pdf.jpg2015Birth Defects: Emerging Public Health IssueBaral, G
3988-Manuscript-25056-1-10-20211215.pdf.jpg2021Burn Care Service Training as a Public Health InterventionRai, Shanker Man
2010-Manuscript-9258-2-10-20190430.pdf.jpg2019The Challenge of Chronic Kidney Disease in Nepal: Need for Preventive StrategiesDangal, Mahesh; Dangal, Ganesh
12-Article Text-12-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2003EditorialsEditorial, Editorial
102-Article Text-99-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2005Elimination of Visceral leishmaniasis in Nepal; facts and possibilitiesEditorial, Editorial
394-Article Text-477-1-10-20140207.pdf.jpg2013Envisaging Beyond Community-Based Health Insurance in NepalMagar, A
3544-Manuscript-21538-1-10-20210425.pdf.jpg2021Essentials of Health Care Management: Challenges and Way ForwardEditorial
4171-Manuscript-26763-1-10-20220313.pdf.jpg2021Establishment of National Medical Registries: The Time has ArrivedDhakal, Gaurav Raj
193-Article Text-190-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpgOct-2009Ethics in Research-
667-Article Text-1257-2-10-20160320.pdf.jpg2015Focusing on Women and Children in the Sustainable Development GoalsAmatya, A
4922-Manuscript-32719-2-10-20230911.pdf.jpgJan-2023Free Basic Healthcare in Nepal: Can the Dream be Turned into Reality in the Pursuit of Universal Health Coverage?Aryal, Krishna K
491-Article Text-748-1-10-20141121.pdf.jpg2014Health Care Evaluation in NepalMagar, A
242-Article Text-240-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2011Health Care Executives be Physician or Non-physician: Qualification in Health Care Management is CrucialDulal, R K
63-Article Text-60-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2004Health Workers Training: An Important Step to Increase Immunization CoverageSubba, N
153-Article Text-150-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2008HPV Vaccine and Cervical CancerEditorial, Editorial
373-Article Text-408-1-10-20131127.pdf.jpg2013Human Resource for Health in NepalMagar, A
3228-Manuscript-18822-1-10-20201115.pdf.jpg2020Implementation of Continuing Professional Development for Health Professionals in NepalDangal, Ganesh; Koirala, Sushil; Chapagain, Sandhya; Shashi, Sharma; Adhikari, Ramesh Kant; Shah, Ankur
2359-Manuscript-12193-1-10-20191114.pdf.jpg2019Initiation of Population-based Cancer Registry in NepalChapagain, Sandhya; Budukh, Atul; Dangal, Ganesh; Jha, Anjani Kumar