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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
579.pdf.jpg2009Abortion Worldwide: A decade of uneven progressSingh, Susheela; Wulf, Deirdre; Hussain, Rubina; Bankole, Akinrinola; Sedgh, Gilda
320-Article Text-319-1-10-20130823.pdf.jpg2012Emerging Challenges in Family Planning Programme in NepalShrestha, D R; Shrestha, A; Ghimire, J
4649-Manuscript-32170-1-10-20230720.pdf.jpg2022Induced Abortion: A Risk Factor for AdenomyosisPun, Sunita
533.pdf.jpg2006Nepal comprehensive abortion care (CAC) National Facility-based abortion study 2006Ministry of Health and Population; Center for Research on Environment Health and Population Activities (CREHPA); IPAS
1378-Manuscript-6624-1-10-20181030.pdf.jpg2018Safety, Efficacy and Acceptability of Early First Trimester Abortion using Oral Mifepristone and Sublingual MisoprostolShrestha, Deepak; Aryal, Shreyashi; Sharma, Binita