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1395-Manuscript-21554-1-10-20210425.pdf.jpg2021Adherence to Anti- Hypertensive Medications among Patients in Selected Health Facilities of NepalKhadka, Sushmita; Maharjan, Anjana; Bhardwaj, Manisha; Jha, Anushree; Bajracharya, Milan; Lamichhane, Bikal
38_42.pdf.jpg2015Adherence to Antihypertensive Medications: Population Based Follow up in Eastern NepalBhandari, B; Bhattarai, M; Bhandari, M; Ghimire, A; Pokharel, P K; Morisky, D E
3828-Manuscript-27870-1-10-20220606.pdf.jpg2022Adherence to Treatment among Patients With End-Stage Renal Disease Undergoing Hemodialysis In Selected Centers In NepalSapkota, Abja; Sedhain, Arun; KC, Tulza; Sigdel, Surendra; Subedi, Sulav
2474-Manuscript-20025-1-10-20210122.pdf.jpg2020Failure to Initiate Medicine in Newly Diagnosed Hypertensives Despite Sustained High Blood Pressure in Nepal: an Under-discussed Dimension of Non-adherenceThakur, Nishant; Budhathoki, Shyamsundar
2337-Manuscript-13240-2-10-20200130.pdf.jpg2019Medication Adherence among Hypertensive Patients Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in NepalRoka, Tara; Ghimire, Melina