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1026-Manuscript-5260-1-10-20180703.pdf.jpg2018Barriers to Dietary Salt Reduction among Hypertensive PatientsGhimire, Saruna; Shrestha, Naveen; Callahan, Karen
3478-Manuscript-25058-1-10-20211215.pdf.jpg2021Barriers to Treatment Compliance of Directly Observed Treatment Shortcourse among Pulmunary Tuberculosis PatientsMarahatta, Sujan Babu; Yadav, Rajesh Kumar; Baral, Sushila; Aryal, Neeta; Paudel, Srijana; Shah, Naveen Prakash; Yadav, Punita; Gurung, Suman Chandra; Khatri, Elina
3250-Manuscript-23770-1-10-20210907.pdf.jpg2021Barriers to Utilization of Postnatal Care Services: Mothers and Health Providers PerspectiveShrestha, Jene; Yadav, Dipendra Kumar
667.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2012The Distribution and SKill Mix of Human Resources for Health in NepalSOLID Nepal
280-Article Text-278-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2011Effectiveness and Eficiency of Aama Surakshya Karyakram in terms of Barriers in Accessing Maternal Health Services in NepalBhusal, C L; Singh, S P; BC, R K; Dhimal, M; Jha, B K; Acharya, L; Thapa, P; Magar, A
1258-Manuscript-6613-1-10-20181030.pdf.jpg2018Factors Influencing Modern Contraceptive Use among Adolescents in NepalSubedi, Ranjeeta; Jahan, Israt; Baatsen, Pam
4062-Manuscript-30789-1-10-20230314.pdf.jpg2022Knowledge, Practice and Barriers on Cervical Cancer Screening among Married WomenKC, Heera; Gurung, Alina; Katuwal, Medina; Sharma, Ruby; Parajuli, Surya Bahadur