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3327-Manuscript-21551-1-10-20210425.pdf.jpg2021Association of Iron Deficiency Anemia with Febrile Seizure in Children in a Tertiary Care HospitalChaudhary, Brajesh Raj; Malla, Kalpana Karmacharya; Gaire, Binod
547-Article Text-941-1-10-20150420.pdf.jpg2014Clinical Characteristics of Children with Febrile SeizureShrestha, D; Dhakal, A K; Shakya, H; Shakya, A; Shah, S C; Mehata, S
876-Article Text-1651-2-10-20170528.pdf.jpg2016Recurrence Risk of Febrile Seizures in ChildrenAgrawal, Jyoti; Poudel, Prakash; Shah, Gauri S; Yadav, Satish; Chaudhary, Shipra; Kafle, Shyam