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dc.description.abstractBackground Sexual and reproductive health issues remain the leading cause of illness among young people worldwide and are a growing concern in Nepal. Young people’s sexuality is often stigmatized and the social, economic, logistical, policy and health systems barriers to safe abortion care for young women are numerous. Methods A survey was done among 600 girls aged 16-24 was executed in Rupandehi, using two-stage cluster sampling. The household survey questionnaire was developed in English and translated into Nepali and pre-tested with at least 20 girls prior to their use in the field to collect information. Completed questionnaires were coded and entered using FoxPro. Data analysis was conducted using Stata 11.1. Results Despite high information access, knowledge of Nepal’s abortion law is very low. Confidentiality and supportive attitude is a key facilitator in seeking abortion care. Young women can identify multiple sources for abortion, but prefer PHCCs, medical doctors and pharmacies. Amidst, important sources of information include media. Attitudes towards abortion are mostly positive. There is a bias against unmarried women in need of Reproductive Health (RH) care. Partner support is high, but women lack reproductive independence, and confidence. Friends are a huge source of support for abortion. Conclusions This study provides a strong foundation for development of abortion care interventions for young women in Rupendehi district of Nepal. Keywords: abortion; abortion care; experiences; knowledge; reproductive health; skills.en_US
dc.subjectabortion careen_US
dc.subjectreproductive healthen_US
dc.titleFindings of a Household Survey of Abortion Knowledge, Skills and Experiences among Young Women in Rupendehi District, Nepal – 2012en_US
dc.title.alternativeReproductive Healthen_US
dc.typeTechnical Reporten_US
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