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Title: Attitude of Doctors of Bir Hospital towards the Harmonization of Ayurveda and Modern Medicine
Other Titles: Health Care Delivery System
Authors: Puri, R
Issue Date: 2005
Keywords: attitude
ayurveda medicine
modern medicine
Abstract: Background: In present context of Nepal, some allopathic doctors are strongly opposing the traditional medicine even though the patients get relief by using Ayurvedic medicine whereas some doctors are in favor of Ayurvedic medicine and are prescribing those medicines in their practice. This study was thus designed to assess the attitude of doctors of Bir hospital towards the harmonization of Ayurveda and Modern medicine. Methods: This study was conducted from 7th November 2004 to 27th May 2005 in different departments of Bir Hospital. A total of 102 questionnaires were distributed to doctors. The questionnaires were completed in the ward or in the Out Patient Department. Coding of the collected data was done using number, entered in Microsoft Excel and analyzed. Results: The result of the survey showed that the attitude of the doctors of Bir hospital towards harmonization of Ayurveda and modern medicine on the whole was highly favorable. There was consistently positive attitude towards the Ayurveda medicine, its harmonization with modern medicine and whole Ayurveda Medical system of Nepal. Conclusions: Most of the doctors had highly favorable attitude towards the harmonization of Ayurveda medicine and modern medicine. Keywords: attitude; ayurveda medicine; doctors; harmonization; modern medicine.
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