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Title: Developing and Evaluating Family Based Intervention for Children with Behavioral Problems in Rural Nepal
Other Titles: Communicable/Infectious diseases
Authors: Adhikari, RP
Issue Date: 2013
Keywords: behavioral problems
family based intervention
Abstract: Background: The World Health Organization estimates that mental, neurological, and substance use disorders contribute 30% of the global burden of disease, half of which are estimated to occur by the age of 14. Problems of behavior and of controlling impulses are generally the earliest mental health problems to occur and commonly lead to other mental health problems later in life. Thus, the current study aims to assess parents’ and family members’ perceptions of the problems associated with child behavior problems, and their ideas about what types of intervention would be most helpful to them. Methods: This study was conducted in Jutpani and Meghauli VDC of Chitwan district on children aged 8-15 years, caregivers of children in the community such as parents, community members, and school teachers. All together 72 free list interviews, 30 Key Informant Interview (KII), and 4 FGDs were conducted. Results: The major identified behavior problems were addiction (consume alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, play card), not paying attention to studies, get angry with small issues and fight, disobedience, and stealing. Unfavorable family environment, hanging out with friends having bad influence, parents not caring about their children, lack of awareness, and poverty were the major causes of this problem. Conclusions: In future study, it might be easier to gather information effectively using vignettes. Similarly, to identify the coping strategies present in the community, such information should be collected from the respondents who have and used to have such behavioral problems. Keywords: behavioral problems; children; family based intervention; perceptions.
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