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Title: Knowledge and Preventive Practices Related to Avian Influenza among Poultry Workers of Kamalamai, Sindhuli
Other Titles: Communicable/Infectious diseases
Authors: Shrestha, R
Issue Date: 2014
Keywords: avian influenza
Abstract: Background: Avian influenza (AI) is currently a threat to global health. Prevention and control of Avian Influenza (AI) depends on the knowledge and preventive practices of the poultry workers as well as general population. Thus, this study aims to assess knowledge and preventive practices related to Avian Influenza among poultry workers of Kamalamai Municipality, Sindhuli, Nepal. Methods: The study was based on a cross-sectional, descriptive study design using semi-structured interview questionnaires and checklists to observe preventive practices of 122 poultry workers aged 15 years and above from Kamalamai Municipality, Sindhuli district in Nepal. The collected data was entered and analyzed using SPSS program, version 20. Results: Out of 122 poultry workers, nearly everybody had heard (93.4%) about the Avian Influenza (AI). The majority of respondents were male (56.6%) and more than half (57.4%) were from age group of 30-50 years. More than half (53.3%) of the respondents had a 'poor knowledge'; followed by 'average knowledge' (45.6%) and 'good knowledge' (1.1%) about Avian Influenza. Majority of them (89.5%) had 'average practice' about the preventives practices of Avian Influenza; followed by 'poor practice and good practice' (both 5.3%). The overall 'average practice' of the respondents was (73.7%) and 'average knowledge' was (53.3%) and the gap between knowledge and practice regarding preventives measures of Avian Influenza was 20.4%. Conclusions: There is a huge gap between the knowledge level and preventive practices of avian influenza (AI). The score of knowledge was far behind the score of practices. The knowledge without practice and the practice without knowledge is always insufficient and inadequate. Both should be properly balanced. This gap can be bridge by the proper awareness through radio and televisions on knowledge and preventive practices to prevent Avian Influenza (AI). Keywords: avian influenza; knowledge; practice.
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