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Title: A Snapshot of 1001 Children Presenting with Cerebral Palsy to a Children’s Disability Hospital
Authors: Banskota, B
Shrestha, S
Rajbhandari, T
Banskota, A K
Spiegel, D A
Citation: Banskota B, Shrestha S, Rajbhandari T, Banskota AK, Spiegel DA. A Snapshot of 1001 Children Presenting with Cerebral Palsy to a Children's Disability Hospital. J Nepal Health Res Counc. 2015 Jan-Apr;13(29):31-7. PMID: 26411710.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Nepal Health Research Council
Keywords: Asphyxia
Birth complications
Cerebral plasy
Series/Report no.: Jan-April, 2015;
Abstract: Abstract Background: Cerebral palsy (CP) has largely been an unaddressed problem in low and middle income countries (LMIC's). The purpose of this retrospective study is to provide a facility-based snapshot of CP in Nepal. Methods: A retrospective chart review of 1001 patients diagnosed as having cerebral palsy, presenting to our institution from December 2008 to December 2011, was carried out. Results: Majority of cases were found to be a result of birth complications and post-natal infections. Most children with CP were born at home, presented after walking age and came from socioeconomically unstable or borderline households. Less than 20% were attending school. Spastic diplegia was the most common presentation. Children with post-natal spasticity secondary to infection seemed to retain greater ambulatory potential. Conclusions: In contrast to CP in developed countries, the etiology in LMIC's is largely related to birth-related complications and post-natal infections. There is an urgent need to address preventable causes of cerebral palsy in Nepal. Keywords: Asphyxia; birth complications; cerebral plasy; infection; Nepal.
Description: Original Article
ISSN: Print ISSN: 1727-5482; Online ISSN: 1999-6217
Appears in Collections:Vol. 13 No. 1 Issue 29 January - April 2015

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