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Title: A Study on Knowledge and Care Practice of Mothers Regarding CSOM in Nawalparasi District
Authors: Poudel, S
Issue Date: 2002
Keywords: care
Abstract: Background: The growing number of hearing impairment due to CSOM which has been considered to be the number one preventable disease by WHO is still a serious problem in Nepal. It has different contributing factors associated with different socio-cultural practices, identification of which is of utmost importance for the preventive measures of it. This study, therefore aims to identify the knowledge and care practices of mothers regarding CSOM. Methods: This study was conducted in Kumarvarti VDC, Nawalparasi district during the month of April-June 2000 using a descriptive exploratory methodology. Maintaining of the validity and reliability of the instrument sample size taken was 50 out of which 25 were the mothers of Tharu children and 25 were mothers of Pahadiya children. Data were collected using very comprehensive semi-structured interview schedule maintaining ethical consideration. The collected data were analyzed by using a descriptive statistical process. Results: CSOM was found to be common in both Tharu and Pahadiya communities-67 out of 103 Tharu households and 38 out of 89 Pahadiya households had children with CSOM. CSOM was predominantly seen in male children in both communities. It was seen from the study that Upper Respiratory Tract Infection was strongly related to CSOM. Sixty four percent of Pahadiya children and 60 percent of Tharu children suffered from some degree of hearing impairment associated with CSOM. Low socio-economic status, practice of using mustard oil or instillation of various types of liquid in the ear, ear pricking habit, blowing nose, entrance of water during bathing or swimming, laying down position during breast feeding and recurrent URTI are the common factors in the causation of CSOM. Conclusions: The problems of ear infection should be controlled and cured by proper medical and surgical management. Proper health education could prevent a vast majority of cases. Keywords: care; CSOM; knowledge; mothers; practices.
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