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Title: A Study on Safe Motherhood: Causes behind Uterus Prolapse amongst Women in 3 VDCs of Dadeldhura District
Issue Date: 2004
Keywords: causes
health camp
uterine prolapse
Abstract: Background: The Far Western Development Region of Nepal is the remotest region of the country with low level of development in terms of social, infrastructure, health and economy. The traditional socio-cultural value system creates a disabling environment for the progress and development of girls and women. As a result the life of women and girls is very difficult. The districts of this region are reported as having the lowest rank in the gender discrimination indicators. The main objective of this study was to contribute to the improvement of the reproductive health of women of the Far Western Region of Nepal, with special focus on uterus prolapse. Methods: A free health camp was organized on uterine prolapse. Pamphlets were printed and distributed through the volunteers to provide public information on the free health camp in the target areas. An orientation was organized for the health workers, nurses, researchers and programme motivators who were to be involved in research camp. Orientation and inputs on the questionnaire was provided to get a clear understanding of the forms. Only 150 patients out of 260 were interviewed. All filled questionnaires were brought to Kathmandu, the answers were tabulated and the key findings were analyzed. Results: A total of 588 women attended the two-day health camp cum research programme. Out of the total 260 women were found to be patients of uterine prolapsed. Among the 150 interviewed women, 53% were from Jogbuda VDC, 35% from Sirsa VDC and 12% from Alital VDC. The causes identified by the patients who took part in this study were: pregnancy and childbirth (29% reported giving birth within 5 hours), raised intra-abdominal pressure, menopause, fibroid tumors, congenital factors like collagen defect, race. The women who reported about their cases in this study displayed all the classic symptoms of uterine prolapse. Conclusions: There has been/is no serious attempt on the part of the government health service delivery system to even remotely address the problem of uterine prolapse. Keywords: causes; health camp; uterine prolapse; women.
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