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Title: Study on Practices/Knowledge and Recepies of Traditional Healers for Treatment of Jaundice in Kathmandu Valley
Other Titles: Communicable/Infectious diseases
Authors: Koirala, RR
Khaniya, BN
Issue Date: 2003
Keywords: jaundice
traditional healer
traditional knowledge
Abstract: Background: Traditional healers in Kathmandu Valley treat a wide variety of conditions. They are especially renowned for their ability to cure jaundice and other common ailments. Most resident of Kathmandu, even those who do not usually seek Ayurvedic treatment, will consult a traditional healers when, during the course an illness, they or family members become jaundiced. Approximately one third of the visits to the traditional healers in the city are for jaundice. This research was designed to find the applicable and practically successful knowledge of local healers for treatment of particular disease- jaundice. Methods: Twenty traditional healers renowned in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur districts were selected. Questionnaires and interview were used as data collection tools. Results: Majority of traditional healers hesitate to talk over the knowledge of healing with other people and never transfer their knowledge to other except within their own family member. The research found four different methods (process means the mechanism how the used herbs work to cure jaundice used by the traditional healers) of treatment of jaundice by the healers. They were a) Oral application of drugs- results vomiting b)Oral application of drugs- results diarrhea c)Using drugs (in the form of paste) at naval periphery d)Using through the nasal passage (drug in liquid state)- results nasal discharge e)Sweating f) Stimulate and liver. Conclusions: There is an urgent need to document the knowledge and forward scientific intervention for further research. Keywords: jaundice; knowledge; methods; traditional healer; traditional knowledge; treatment.
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