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Title: Final Report On Study of Occupational Health Risks Due to Small Scale / Household Industries with More Focus towards Children within Kathmandu Valley
Authors: Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC)
Joashi, Sunil Kumar, Dr.
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Nepal Health Research Council
Keywords: Occupational Health
Kathmandu Valley
Abstract: Executive Summary Study Background: Making working conditions safe and healthy is in the interest of workers, employers and Governments, as well as the public at large. Although it seems simple and obvious, this idea has not yet gained meaningful universal recognition. Hundreds of millions of people through out the world are employed today in conditions that breed ill health and/or are unsafe. In many jobs workers are exposed to a combination of potential hazards. Both research and legislation usually considers factors in isolation and we currently have little knowledge of the impact of combinations of factors on health and performance efficiency. This study wasaddressing the issue of combined effects of occupational health hazards with reviewing the literature, conducting appropriate secondary analyses of existing databases, collecting new data on accidents at work, and carrying out studies of the effects of combinations of potential stressors on physiological functioning and performance efficiency. The study focused on children (under 16 years) who were vulnerable to various social, physical and psychological impacts of their works; and there was a need to identify the occupational hazards to which children were exposed in various sectors of employment. Adequate steps should be taken to protect these children from these occupational health hazards. The principle objective of this research was to obtain first hand information on Occupational health risks in Small-Scale/ Household Industries in Kathmandu valley. The study was focused on identification and evaluation of the environmental factors which may affect the workers' health, assessment of conditions of occupational health and factors in the organization of work which may give rise to risks for the health of workers and assessment of collective and personal protective equipment (PPE).
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