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IBBS_FSWs & BSS_Clients_KTM Final-Apr2004.pdf.jpg2005Integrated Bio-behavioral Survey (IBBS) among Female Sex Workers and Behavioral Surveillance Survey (BSS) among Clients in Kathmandu Valley – 2004Family Health International; USAID
Full Report_IBBS IDU KTM 2007 Final edited.pdf.jpg2008Integrated Bio-behavioral Survey (IBBS) among Injecting Drug Users in the Kathmandu Valley – 2007USAID/Nepal; OASHA; Family Health International/Nepal; NEW ERA
696.pdf.jpg2013Factors associated with anxiety and depression among elderly living in old aged homes in Kathmandu ValleyTimalsina, Rekha
691.pdf.jpg2013Needle stick injury: The incidence and contributing factors among proficiency certificate level nursing students in Kathmandu ValleyPaudel, Binita Kumari; Karki, Kanchan; Dangol, Leena
457.pdf.jpg2004Quality of life in elderly people- A comparative study in different elderly homes of KathmanduNepal Health Research Council (NHRC); Dhungana, Santosh; Acharya, Krishna Prasad; Rai, Baroon
471.pdf.jpg2005Arsenic Vulnerability in Groundwater Resources in Kathmandu ValleyEnvironmental and Public Health Organization (ENPHO); Shrestha, Bhushan R., PhD; Shrestha, Kabita B., PhD; Shrestha, Suresh D., PhD; Maharhan, Makhan
522.pdf.jpg2008Integrated Bio-behavioral Survey (IBBS) among Injecting Drug Users in the Kathmandu Valley - 2007Family Health International/Nepal
495.pdf.jpg2006Integrated Bio-Behavioral Survey among Truckers in East-West Highways Round III -2006Family Health International; USAID/Nepal; NEW ERA
479.pdf.jpg2006Final Report On Study of Occupational Health Risks Due to Small Scale / Household Industries with More Focus towards Children within Kathmandu ValleyNepal Health Research Council (NHRC); Joashi, Sunil Kumar, Dr.
182.pdf.jpg1998Evaluation of the role of lactobacillus GG in the management of acute diarrhoea at Kanti children's hospital, KathmanduPant, Arjun Raj