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Title: Patient's perception towards quality nursing care
Authors: Sah (Gupta), Bimala
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: University Grants Commission
Keywords: Patient's perception towards quality nursing care
Nursing care
Abstract: The study titled “Patient's Perception towards Quality Nursing Care” was conducted in Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) and Bir-hospital in Kathmandu to identify the Patient's Perception towards Quality Nursing Care. A descriptive quantitative and qualitative research design was adopted. The sample consisted of 200 from medical, surgical wards of respective hospitals by using non probability purposive sampling technique. Semi structured interview questionnaire were used to collect the data. Descriptive statistics was used for analysis of the data based on the objective and research question. Study findings revealed that the 90% of respondents in Bir hospital said that nurses respond immediately when they call but only 50% of respondent in TUTH. Eighty-four percent in Bir hospital viewed that nurse explains procedure before providing care similarly 74% in TUTH gave same response. Thirty one percent of respondent in Bir hospital said that nurses always maintain privacy during procedure whereas only 13% of respondent in TUTH gave same response. Similarly response towards patients complain and discomfort in both hospitals, 52% of respondents said that nurses assess for causes and manage for complain& discomfort. Seventy eight percent perceived nurses provided prompt services, maintain individual respect, friendly and they show kindness respectively. About 80% of patients agreed that the nurses were polite, kind, clinically competent, friendly, joyful etc. Sixty percent of respondents stated that environment of the ward were good regarding cleanliness but about 80 % viewed that ward was noisy and waste disposal system was also poor. Fifty seven percent perceived that nurses in the ward showed good reception manner as good orientation of the wards, like visiting hour, doctor's round, toilet, diet facility etc. It can be concluded that most of the patients viewed getting quality nursing care in both hospitals. However to some extent, higher percentage of patients in Bir hospital perceived quality nursing care in comparison to that of TUTH. It might be as some patient admitted with high expectation to receive quality nursing care, and some may not have adequate understanding level to judge or evaluate nursing care. Finally nurses and hospital administration need to be more aware in the patient's views in terms of adequate explanation of procedure, maintaining privacy, and ward environment like proper waste disposal system. Therefore nurses must equip themselves with relevant and updated information regarding the patient care.
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