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Title: Nepal and the millennium development goals final status report 2000-2015
Authors: Government of Nepal, National Planning Commission
Citation: National Planning Commission, 2016 : The Millennium Development Goals, Final Status Report,2000–2015. Government of Nepal, National Planning Commission, Kathmandu, Nepal
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Government of Nepal, National Planning Commission, Singha Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal, Tel: 977-1-4211629, email:, Website:
Keywords: Millennium development goals final status report 2000-2015
Abstract: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: In September 2000, the United Nations adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) — an international time-bound commitment to reduce poverty and advance other social development targets by 2015. Nepal is one of the 189 countries that committed to these goals. Since then Nepal has aligned its national policies, strategies and plans to achieving the MDGs. The National Planning Commission (NPC) took the lead in MDG implementation. Periodic assessments were conducted to assess the status of implementation with four progress reports, one needs assessment and one acceleration report produced. These assessments provided valuable information and knowledge for institutional improvements along the way. The process remained on track throughout, despite the decade of violent political conflict (which ended in 2006) and ongoing political instability. The achievement of a number of goals has been commendable and acknowledged internationally. The MDG implementation process in Nepal has been affected and shaped by the country’s changing political, economic and social context. The liberalization of politics, the market and civil society following the reforms of the 1990s created a conducive environment for the acceleration of achievements. The major policy and institutional reforms that followed contributed to the changes.
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