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Title: Post Operative Wound Infection
Other Titles: Communicable/Infectious diseases
Authors: Shrestha, ML
Khadka, N
Issue Date: 2004
Keywords: bacterial positivity
endogenous organisms
post operative wound infection
Abstract: Background: Post Operative Wound Infection remains significant causes of post operative morbidity. This prospective study was undertaken to establish whether the endogenous organisms lodged in tissue are the cause of post operative wound infection. Methods: Patients undergoing surgery in General Surgery Unit II, Bir Hospital were studied for a period of 12 months and they were prospectively followed up till the stitches were removed for the development of wound infection. Results: A total of 227 of 325 were followed up till the removal of the stitches. The overall incidence of wound infection was 7.92%. Factor that was found to be significantly associated with post operative wound infection was the endogenous organisms lodged in the tissue during the surgical procedure. Use of povidon iodine has reduced the bacterial positivity in the skin and subcutaneous tissue significantly. Conclusions: Endogenous organisms lodged in the body tissue has significant role in incidence of post operative wound infection. Bacterial positivity can be reduced by the use of povidon iodine and this in turn reduces the post operative wound infection caused by endogenous organisms. Keywords: bacterial positivity; endogenous organisms; post operative wound infection.
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