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976-Manuscript-1909-1-10-20170608.pdf.jpg2017Admitting Deserving Medical Students from Rural and Disadvantaged: Patan Academy of Health Sciences’ ApproachUpadhyay, Shambhu Kumar; Bhandary, Shital; Bhandari, Dil Bahadur; Dulal, Ram Krishna; Baral, Kedar Prasad; Gongal, Rajesh Nath; Acharya, Paras Kumar; Shrestha, Shrijana; Shah, Jay Narayan; Karki, Arjun
3684-Manuscript-25089-1-10-20211215.pdf.jpg2021Changed Landscapes of Surgical Education During COVID-19 Pandemic: Implications on Future Surgeons’ CompetenceJoshi, Anip
3263-Manuscript-21575-2-10-20210426.pdf.jpg2021Competency Based Post Graduate Residency Program at Patan Academy of Health Sciences, NepalShrestha, Shrijana; Shrestha, Ashis; Shah, Jay Narayan; Gongal, Rajesh Nath
1174-Manuscript-3096-1-10-20180101.pdf.jpg2017Critical Appraisal of Published Literature in Specialty General Surgical Examinations in the United KingdomShrestha, Badri Man
1042-Manuscript-13245-1-10-20200121.pdf.jpg2019The Declaration of Helsinki on Medical Research involving Human Subjects: A Review of Seventh RevisionShrestha, Badri; Dunn, Louese
726-Article Text-1361-4-10-20160609.pdf.jpg2016Development of Community Based Learning and Education system within Undergraduate Medical Curriculum of Patan Academy of Health SciencesBaral, K P; Upadhyay, S K; Bhandhary, S; Gongal, R N; Karki, A
241-Article Text-239-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2010Dilemma of Medical Graduates in NepalLamichhane, J
3955-Article Text-26807-1-10-20220313.pdf.jpg2021Does Inclusion of Mental Agility Test in Admission Exam Help Better Student Selection in the Health Professions Education Programs?Maharjan, Babu Raja; Bhandary, Shital; Shrestha, Shrijana; Gongal, Rajesh
2767-Manuscript-20017-1-10-20210122.pdf.jpg2020E-learning: a Modality of Medical Education in the Period of CrisisBaral, Gehanath; Baral, Reetu Sharma
2006-Manuscript-14328-1-10-20200420.pdf.jpg2020Emergency Medicine Education at a Medical Institute in Nepal: Breaking the FrontiersNeupane, Harish Chandra; Shrestha, Niki; Lamsal, Daya Ram
1610-Manuscript-6688-1-10-20181030.pdf.jpg2018Fellowship Training in Nepal: Current ProspectsNeupane, Harish Chandra; Shrestha, Niki; Shrestha, Bishow Kumar
2689-Manuscript-18860-1-10-20201115.pdf.jpg2020Need of Integrating Sonoscopy in Undergraduate Medical Education in Developing CountriesThapa, Amit
2667-Manuscript-20018-1-10-20210122.pdf.jpg2020Perception of Students and Faculty on Problem Based Learning in Proficiency Certificate Level Nursing ProgramMaharjan, Babu Raja; Shrestha, Uttam; Shrestha, Ashis; Acharya, Balakrishnan M; Poudel, Ambika; KC, Sarala; Gongal, Rajesh N
2725-Manuscript-17541-1-10-20200911.pdf.jpg2020Readiness for the Online Classes during COVID-19 Pandemic among Students of Chitwan Medical CollegeNeupane, Harish Chandra; Sharma, Kalpana; Joshi, Alisha
341-Article Text-340-1-10-20130823.pdf.jpg2012Scientific Publications in NepalMagar, A
262-Article Text-260-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2011Setting up an Emergency Medicine Training ProgramCurry, C
365-Article Text-364-1-10-20130823.pdf.jpg2013Setting up an Emergency Medicine Training ProgramCurry, C
2851-Manuscript-18859-1-10-20201115.pdf.jpg2020Students’ Perspective on Online Medical Education Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic in NepalNepal, Samata; Atreya, Alok; Menezes, Ritesh G; Joshi, Ruban Raj
2722-Manuscript-17542-1-10-20200911.pdf.jpg2020Teaching and Training Medical Students at the Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic: Unanswered Questions and the Way ForwardShrestha, Shrijana