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Title: Tobacco Use in Padampur V.D.C. of Chitwan district
Authors: Acharya, GP
Acharya, SL
Issue Date: 2002
Keywords: ex-smokers
occasional smokers
oral and nasal snuff
pan parag/gutkha prevalence
regular smokers
Abstract: Background: Tobacco use is increasing in developing countries due to aggressive advertisement by tobacco companies. The present study has been undertaken to assess the prevalence of smoking in adult population in Padampur village in Chitwan district. Methods: A descriptive study was undertaken to assess the prevalence of tobacco use in a population of above 18 years in Padampur VDC of Chitwan district. A questionnaire was developed to fulfill the objectives. The sampling techniques for this study was simple stratified random sampling. The sample population was 1584. Data were processes and analyzed using Epi-info 6 software program. Results: The study revealed that out of total respondents, 675 (42.61%) was regular smokers. Among the 675 regular smokers, 379 smokers (48.65%) were male and 296 smokers (36.77%) were female. The smoking was most common among the population of age group 50-59 years. The study revealed that there were 75 (4.73%) occasional smokers among the study population. Out of the total respondents, 523 (33.02%) were using tobacco in forms other than smoking. Five hundred and eleven of them were using Khaini/surti. Among the khaini/surti users, 91% were using daily. It was also found that 144 had already quit smoking. Conclusions: No program related to tobacco control has been implemented in the area under study. Keywords: ex-smokers; khaini/surti; non-smokers; occasional smokers; oral and nasal snuff; pan; pan parag/gutkha prevalence; regular smokers; tambaku.
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