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4070-Manuscript-30774-1-10-20230314.pdf.jpg2022Translation, Cultural Adaptation and Validation of Cardiff Acne Disability Index in Nepali LanguagePaudel, Sushil; Parajuli, Niraj; Shrestha, Shraddha; Hirachan, Shashi
4047-Manuscript-30773-1-10-20230314.pdf.jpg2022Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern in Opportunistic Pathogens Isolated from Immunocompromised PatientsBasnet, Ajaya; Chand, Arun Bahadur; Pokhrel, Nayanum; Acharya, Sadikchya; Gurung, Parbati; Khanal, Laxmi Kant; Shrestha, Kundu; Shrestha, Lok Bahadur; Raghubanshi, Bijendra Raj
4292-Manuscript-29710-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Before Attributing Polyradiculitis to an Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine, Differential Etiologies need to be Ruled OutFinsterer, Josef
4033-Manuscript-29687-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Synchronous Primary Adenocarcinoma of Distal Common Bile Duct and Gall bladderPaudyal, Sanjaya; Chaudhary, Prakash; Joshi, Mukund Raj
3789-Manuscript-29697-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Following COVID-19 Infection: Difficulties and ChallengesJoshi, Dharmendra; Sharma, Apurb; Shrestha, Sanjeet K; Sharma, Ranjit; Bhatta, Yadav Kumar Deo; Rajbanshi, Bijoy G
4075-Manuscript-29698-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Design and Development of Simple and Low-cost Light Source for Laparoscopic SurgeryChhetri, Dikshya; Bhandari, Shruti; Thakuri, Aishwarya Shahi; Pokharel, Aayushma; Poudel, Paras
4211-Manuscript-29706-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Addressing Men’s Health Needs in Nepal: An Ignored Public and Clinical Health ConcernPuri, Mahesh Chandra; Gautam, Preeti; Baker, Peter; Bhadra, Rajendra
4076-Manuscript-29713-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Factors Associated with Acute Malnutrition among Pregnant Women in Flood Affected RegionAryal, Binod Kumar; Sapkota, Suman; Lama, Nishant; Paudel, Rajan
4244-Manuscript-29712-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Assessment of the Knowledge of the Association between Periodontal Status and Pregnancy Outcome among Obstetricians and GynecologistsPradhan, Shaili; Baral, Gehanath; Shrestha, Rejina
4294-Manuscript-29711-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Use of Unannounced Standardized Patient to Assess Quality of Care in Community Pharmacies / Medicine Shops: A Pilot, Cross-Sectional StudyShrestha, Sony Shakya; Koju, Pramesh; Shrestha, Shreena; Shrestha, Rojeena Koju; Shahukhal, Suman; Shrestha, Dipesh; Shrestha, Rajeev; Xu, Dong (Roman); Cai, Yiyuan; Zhou, Jifang
4245-Manuscript-29709-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Lower Susceptibility to Fluoroquinolones and a gyrA Gene Mutation in Salmonella Typhi Isolates from Enteric Fever PatientsShrestha, Surya Kumari; Khadka, Sujan; Rayamajhee, Binod; Thapa, Alina; Sharma, Suprina; Shrestha, Basudha; Poudel, Pramod
3796-Manuscript-29708-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Comparative Evaluation of Hydroxyapatite Bone Alloplast with Combination Bone Alloplast (Hydroxyapatitie and ?-Tricalcium Phosphate) in Grade II Mandibular Furcation InvolvementsBista, Soni; Adhikari, Khushbu; Baniya, Bikash Kumar
4049-Manuscript-29707-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Status of Intestinal Parasitic Infections in a Tertiary Care CenterBasnet, Ajaya; Chand, Arun Bahadur; Pokhrel, Nayanum; Gurung, Parbati; Rai, Junu Richhinbung; Bajracharya, Sohani; Acharya, Sadiksha; Shrestha, Lok Bahadur
4021-Manuscript-29705-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Community-Based Cervical Cancer Screening using Visual Inspection with Acetic AcidMulmi, Rashmi; Shrestha, Gambhir; Pathak, Ayodhya; Sharma, Manju; Dawadi, Tara; Siwakoti, Bhola; Pradhananga, Kishore Kumar
3848-Manuscript-29704-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Effects of Face Masks on Pulse Rate and Blood Pressure Components During Stairs ClimbingChaudhary, Sonam; Pun, Dilli Bahadur; Shrestha, Prashanna; Shrestha, Anshuman; Gupta, Alka; Shrestha, Rabindra Man; Shrestha, Sujita; Joshi, Subha; Mahotra, Narayan Bahadur
4240-Manuscript-29703-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Risk Factors of Coronary Artery Disease: A Hospital-Based StudyDevkota, Surya; Dhungana, Raja Ram; Pandey, Achyut Raj; Poudel, Chandra Mani; Shrestha, Hemant; Bhattarai, Anil
3308-Manuscript-29702-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Study to Assess Level of Preoperative Anxiety in Patients Scheduled for SurgeryKhanal, Resha; Banjade, Prakash; Bhandari, Bibek; Sharma, Subhash Chandra; Rijal, Rika
4301-Manuscript-29701-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Clinicolaboratory Profile and Treatment Outcome Within Ninety Days After Discharge During Second Wave of Pediatric COVID-19Chapagain, Ram Hari; Adhikari, Santosh; Shrestha, Nisha Jyoti; Bichha, Muskan; Maharjan, Jessica; Thapa, Prabhat; Sah, Rabindra Kumar; Basaula, Yuba Nidhi
4274-Manuscript-29700-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Maternal Anemia and BMI as Determinants of Pregnancy Outcomes: A Hospital-Based StudyKoirala, Jaya; Raddi, Sudha. A; Dalal, Anita Dadi
4280-Manuscript-29699-1-10-20221103.pdf.jpg2022Impact Of COVID-19 On Patients Requiring Spine Surgery: A Tertiary Level Government Trauma Hospital ExperienceDhakal, Gaurav Raj; Shrestha, Sushil; Shah, Gyanendra
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 49