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1_6.pdf.jpg2015Alcohol Use by Nepalese Women: Evidence from Non Communicable Disease Risk Factors STEPS Survey Nepal 2013Aryal, K K; Thapa, P; Mehata, S; Vaidya, A; Pandey, A R; Bista, B; Pandit, A; Pandit, P; Dhimal, M; Karki, K B
328-Article Text-327-1-10-20130823.pdf.jpg2012Climate Change and Occurrence of Diarrheal Diseases: Evolving Facts from NepalBhandari, G P; Gurung, S; Dhimal, M; Bhusal, C L
2009Develop and Apply Gender and Ethnic Group Disaggregated Data Based Monitoring Tools of Access to Primary Health Care (PHC) Services and Analyze Access to Primary Health Care by Gender and Ethnic Group in Terai Districts of NepalBhusal, CL; Dhimal, M; Ghimire, N
280-Article Text-278-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2011Effectiveness and Eficiency of Aama Surakshya Karyakram in terms of Barriers in Accessing Maternal Health Services in NepalBhusal, C L; Singh, S P; BC, R K; Dhimal, M; Jha, B K; Acharya, L; Thapa, P; Magar, A
213-Article Text-211-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2010Environmental Burden of Acute Respiratory Infection and Pneumonia due to Indoor SmokeDhimal, M; Baral, K; Shrestha, N; Dhakal, P; Maskey, M K
307-Article Text-306-1-10-20130823.pdf.jpg2012Environmental Burden of Diarrhoeal Diseases due to Unsafe Water Supply and Poor Sanitation Coverage in NepalAryal, K K; Joshi, H D; Dhimal, M; Singh, S P; Dhimal, B; Dhakal, P; Bhusal, C L
211-Article Text-209-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpgOct-2009Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health and Adaptation Strategies for NepalBhusal, C L; Dhimal, M
2014Malaria Control in Nepal 1963–2012: Challenges on the Path towards EliminationDhimal, M; Ahrens, B; Kuch, U
669-Article Text-1259-1-10-20160317.pdf.jpg2015Menopausal Health Status of Women of Kapilvastu District of NepalGhimire, N; Dhakal, P; Norrish, D; Dangal, G; Sharma, D; Dhimal, M; Aryal, K K; Jha, B K; Karki, K B
7_13.pdf.jpg2015Oral Health Condition of School Children in Nawalparasi District, NepalThapa, P; Aryal, K K; Dhimal, M; Mehata, S; Pokhrel, A U; Pandit, A; Pandey, A R; Bista, B; Dhakal, P; Karki, K B; Pradhan, S
20_25.pdf.jpg2015Prevalence and Determinants of Comorbid Diabetes and Hypertension in Nepal: Evidence from NCD Risk Factors STEPS Survey Nepal 2013Pandey, A R; Karki, K B; Mehata, S; Aryal, K K; Aryal, P; Pandit, A; Bista, B; Dhakal, P; Dhimal, M
259-Article Text-257-1-10-20130822.pdf.jpg2011Public Health Impacts of Climate Change in NepalJoshi, H D; Dhimal, B; Dhimal, M; Bhusal, C L
Quality of essential medicines in public health care facilities of Nepal 2019.pdf.jpg2019Quality of essential medicines in public health care facilities of Nepal – 2019Jha, AK; Dhakal, N; Gyanwali, P; Humagain, B; Jha, N; BC, RK; Sah, P; Pradhan, A; Dhimal, M
2011Report on Rapid Assessment of Emergency Preparedness Response in NepalDhimal, M
14_19.pdf.jpg2015Socio-demographic Predictors of Tobacco Use among Women of Nepal: Evidence from Non Communicable Disease Risk Factors STEPS Survey Nepal 2013Bista, B; Aryal, K K; Mehata, S; Thapa, P; Pandey, A R; Pandit, A; Dhakal, P; Dhimal, M; Karki, K B
2009Study on Free Care Implementation Program: Interaction between Service Providers and Recipients with regard to Free Health Services at Community LevelBhusal, CP; Banmali, P; Singh, SP; Budhathoki, CB; Dhimal, M; Jha, BK; Ghimire, N
678-Article Text-1268-1-10-20160317.pdf.jpg2015Surveillance of Quality of Medicines Available inthe Nepalese Market: A Study from Kathmandu ValleyGyanwali, P; Humagain, B R; Aryal, K K; Pandit, A; Acharya, T; Bista, B; Dhimal, M; Karki, K B
686-Article Text-1271-3-10-20160419.pdf.jpg2015Zika Virus: Yet Another Emerging Threat to NepalDhimal, M; Gautam, I; Baral, G; Pandey, B; Karki, K B