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1_6.pdf.jpg2015Alcohol Use by Nepalese Women: Evidence from Non Communicable Disease Risk Factors STEPS Survey Nepal 2013Aryal, K K; Thapa, P; Mehata, S; Vaidya, A; Pandey, A R; Bista, B; Pandit, A; Pandit, P; Dhimal, M; Karki, K B
376-Article Text-400-1-10-20131127.pdf.jpg2013Distribution and Skill Mix of Health Workforce in NepalBhandari, Baral B; Prajapati, R; Karki, K B
669-Article Text-1259-1-10-20160317.pdf.jpg2015Menopausal Health Status of Women of Kapilvastu District of NepalGhimire, N; Dhakal, P; Norrish, D; Dangal, G; Sharma, D; Dhimal, M; Aryal, K K; Jha, B K; Karki, K B
7_13.pdf.jpg2015Oral Health Condition of School Children in Nawalparasi District, NepalThapa, P; Aryal, K K; Dhimal, M; Mehata, S; Pokhrel, A U; Pandit, A; Pandey, A R; Bista, B; Dhakal, P; Karki, K B; Pradhan, S
381-Article Text-405-1-10-20131127.pdf.jpg2013Perception of Security By Health Workforce At Workplace In NepalNeupane, M; Prajapati, R; Baral, B; Karki, K B
20_25.pdf.jpg2015Prevalence and Determinants of Comorbid Diabetes and Hypertension in Nepal: Evidence from NCD Risk Factors STEPS Survey Nepal 2013Pandey, A R; Karki, K B; Mehata, S; Aryal, K K; Aryal, P; Pandit, A; Bista, B; Dhakal, P; Dhimal, M
378-Article Text-402-1-10-20131127.pdf.jpg2013Role of Civil Society in Human Resources for Health Management in NepalPrajapati, R; Baral, B; Karki, K B
785-Article Text-1467-2-10-20170528.pdf.jpg2016Snakebite in Nepal : Neglected Public Health ChallengeKarki, K B
14_19.pdf.jpg2015Socio-demographic Predictors of Tobacco Use among Women of Nepal: Evidence from Non Communicable Disease Risk Factors STEPS Survey Nepal 2013Bista, B; Aryal, K K; Mehata, S; Thapa, P; Pandey, A R; Pandit, A; Dhakal, P; Dhimal, M; Karki, K B
678-Article Text-1268-1-10-20160317.pdf.jpg2015Surveillance of Quality of Medicines Available inthe Nepalese Market: A Study from Kathmandu ValleyGyanwali, P; Humagain, B R; Aryal, K K; Pandit, A; Acharya, T; Bista, B; Dhimal, M; Karki, K B
686-Article Text-1271-3-10-20160419.pdf.jpg2015Zika Virus: Yet Another Emerging Threat to NepalDhimal, M; Gautam, I; Baral, G; Pandey, B; Karki, K B